Trump: 'Lots of Good Things' to Come from Israeli Government

Trump then praised the work of Ron Dermer, Israeli ambassador to the United States and Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania alumnus. Dermer has worked as a senior adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“There could be some tremendously positive surprises from Ron because of his capability and the capability of friends of mine that he deals with on a daily basis in his government that I happen to be a big supporter of, but lots of good things, I think, are going to happen there,” Trump said.

He also gave the audience a teaser of the next Apprentice season, saying there are two full episodes featuring the late comedian Joan Rivers.

“She was so full of vim and vigor and life and what happened – when you get bad doctors, bad things happen, folks, remember that,” Trump said.

Before his speech, Wharton alumni lined up at a reception to take photos with Trump.

PJ Media asked Trump for his opinion of the Obama administration’s handling of the Ebola outbreak.

“Not good,” Trump responded, as he continued to greet attendees.