Trump: 'I Never Went Bankrupt'

In a Washington Post Live interview on D.C. real estate, Donald Trump said Forbes Magazine's estimate of his net worth is incorrect and that he "never went bankrupt."

The event, which also featured Trump's daughter Ivanka, centered mostly on the Trump Organization's redevelopment of Washington's Old Post Office.

"How many billions do you have?" Trump was asked during the interview on Wednesday.

"What do they say? 9 [billion]," Trump replied.

"Forbes said $3.2 [billion]," said Mary Jordan of the Washington Post.

"I say 9 [billion]. It's a big difference," Trump replied. "I say 9 but that's OK."

He continued, "I don't know. Whatever it is, it is. It's plenty of money."

The Government Services Administration selected the Trump Organization for the nearly $200 million project last year. Jordan asked Trump for his response to other bidders for the project wondering why GSA chose Trump since he has "gone bankrupt" before.

"I never went bankrupt," Trump responded.

"But over the course of years and years and you can look at Henry Kravis and Carl Icahn and many, many, you do things, I buy a lot of things out of bankruptcy, I bought a house in Palm Beach out of bankruptcy for $40 million. I sold it for $100 million after fixing it."

Trump said the laws of the county "have things where you're allowed to chapter a company."

"Out of hundreds and hundreds of deals that I've done over the years, three or four deals, I've used that along with Carl Icahn has used it, Henry Kravis has used it, I think Warren Buffett has used it."