A Message to American Christians on Donald Trump

Of course, I am convinced that Donald Trump, for all his shortcomings, is precisely the chief executive that America needs at this critical juncture in its history, but I do not ask anti-Trump Christians to agree with my convictions. I ask them only—despite their theological sensibilities, which I do not share but which I respect—to reflect upon the consequences of their political decision to act in such a manner as to promote the election of Hillary Clinton. For any impartial assessment of her past record, her character (FBI agents reportedly refer to her as “the antichrist”), and her declared and obvious policies irrefutably condemn her as the greater evil. In comparison with Clinton, Trump appears almost a choirboy.

This is now a question of the political maturity essential to the prosperity, indeed the viability, of the republic. Moreover, in the present cultural moment, Christianity is on the defensive and Islam is on the ascendant, a condition which Hillary will only advance and exacerbate and Donald would seek to reverse. There is no doubt about this. If you care about the future of your country, as well as the future of the Christian faith in your country, you really have no choice but to see to it that Hillary Clinton never sits in the Oval Office.

For if she does, you will have installed the nemesis that both your civic duty and your religious conscience have sought to avoid. And the regret you will then feel will be no consolation.