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Trumka: Obama Budget 'Falls Far Short on Job Creation'

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka criticized President Obama's FY 2014 budget for not promoting job growth while hurting seniors and federal workers.

"It falls far short on job creation," Trumka told PJ Media Thursday on Capitol Hill.

"The president sent Jack Lew to Europe to talk about, to chide them for austerity budgets; they should be investing in growth and things of that sort. It undermines our credibility when our budget here is an austerity budget."

Trumka specifically mentioned several areas of the budget he opposes, including its change to the Consumer Price Index formula used to calculate cost of living adjustments for Social Security payments.

"We're here to oppose the CPI, the chained CPI, because we think it's bad policy. I also disagree with the cuts on seniors and on federal government workers," Trumka said.

"You know, hurting them, cutting money out of their pension programs, doing things like that."