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PJTV's Trifecta: The Obama Train Wreck, Parts I-III (Video)

A presidential derailment so disastrous, it's taken the Trifecta hosts three videos to chart all of the wreckage.

Part I: The White House Down of Health Care Reform: President Obama decided to ignore his own health care law and delay implementation of ObamaCare's employer mandate. Is this a clever 2014 election ploy, or proof that Obama's signature legislation is hopelessly flawed? Find out on this Trifecta. (Available on YouTube by clicking here.)

Part II: Train Wreck 2, Economic Boogaloo: It's only six months into President Obama's second-term, but so far it's been a disaster. Spy scandals, ObamaCare fails and an economy that won't get off the ground. In this episode, Scott Ott, Steve Green and Bill Whittle explore the failures of the Obama economy. (Available on YouTube by clicking here.)

Part III: Then: The China Syndrome. Now? The China Russia Afghanistan Syria Iraq Iran Egypt Venezuela Syndrome: This is a PJTV members-only video, in which Trifecta concludes its tripartite look at the Obama disaster by closely examining President Obama's foreign policy, especially his inability to stop Edward Snowden, his reaction to the violence in Egypt and more. PJTV members, find out what the Trifecta hosts think about Obama alienating the entire world by clicking here: