Treaty-Gate: Obama Is Becoming Nixon

Reactions to recent constitutional violations are pathetic and they will truly be the demise of our republic. Tyranny is unfolding before our very eyes. Astonishingly, shoulders are shrugged, just like in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Legislative representatives are saying, “There’s nothing we can do – precedents have been established.” Really? Our nation was built with brighter minds than this and more fortitude. The legislative branch is collectively sounding like Neville Chamberlain.

Our constitutional branches of government were specifically designed to be dependent on each other, not independent. Today, the executive branch executes in a style reminiscent of the French Revolution. To the guillotine go all political efforts of the legislative branch to check the president. Let us not forget, the French Revolution led to a tyrant – Napoleon.

Passivity and apathy are the engines of anti-constitutionalists. Due to this lack of accountability, we are losing both major and minor constitutional battles in obvious ways and not-so-obvious ways. The president’s illegal pick-and-choose execution of Obamacare and the recent execution of the Iranian “deal” are two such examples.

Both the former and the latter need to be addressed. Yet we are being told that there is no way to check the president and the executive branch. We are being told that precedents bar the door to justice. Presidents, both past and present, have set unconstitutional executive precedents. Regrettably, at the cost of our freedoms, they were not held accountable by the legislative branch or, even more importantly, us.

The most recent example is the execution of the Iranian “interim deal.” It is a blatant violation of the Constitution. Now this argument will impel lawyers, experts, and liberals to shout out in disagreement. They will say, “A treaty has to have x, y, & z in it before it can be recognized as a treaty; only then will it have to be approved by the Senate.” Defiantly, they will redefine “treaty.” They do this to attain the goal of the president. Meanwhile, back on the home front, we the people, who have become lazy stewards of our republic, unaware of what’s really in the Constitution, have allowed, and continue to allow, our presidents to set unconstitutional precedents. Lawyers prop up these presidents as the legislative branch topples.

We have been betrayed not only by past presidents who have made “deals” with foreign nations and defied Congress, but also by a Congress that has let it happen due to “precedents.” Consider this: Do we let someone steal because someone else stole even if it was in the best interest of a person in need? Do we let a president lie because another president lied?

At some point there has to be accountability before our liberties and country are beyond return and beyond recognition, before we have drones hovering in front of our windows, medical care that is substandard, an economy that falters, taxes at 65%, and foreign vulnerabilities that are irreversible.