Transcending the Illusion of Left Vs Right

Editor's Note: This ongoing series of interviews and dialogues with Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa began in the PJ Lifestyle section and will now continue at the PJ Tatler and in collections at the Say No to Socialism blog. 

The Introduction to Pacepa’s Seeds of Knowledge: Starting Down the Yellow Brick Road…

Part 1: The Mask of Marxism

Part 2: Getting to the Heart of Social Justice

Part 3: Who Needs a Brain?

Part 4: Are Conservatives Cowards?

Part 5: The Drug of Disinformation

One thing, though, would be certain for as long as the Russian motherland existed: “our gosbezopasnost” (the state security service). Whenever this historically Russian instrument of power had been badly compromised in the public eyes, the Kremlin changed its name and pretended that it was a new institution.

Lt. Gen Ion Mihai Pacepa

 ...with both Ron and Rand [Paul], they really both are right wing versions of Barack Obama in a sense, in that they have continually changed and crafted their message to fit - to aim at different audiences, and that it's a total con job with both of them. And that is very common in political movements.

David Swindle

The Wizard was a mere mortal hidden behind an illusory mask. He had no mystical powers; his magic was in the way he made people think about themselves and the world around them. Today's intellectual wizards are masters of disinformation, working to build their own empire behind the mask of party politics on both the Left and the Right. We've already discussed the fact that the Republican Party has accepted Marxism into the political fold through its party manifestations on the Left. What kind of impact has this made on the Right?

In a recent Fightin' Words podcast, Walter Hudson and David Swindle discussed retiring the term "Left versus Right" in favor of the context of "Good versus Evil" because, anymore, we are dealing with factions that do not agree with the rule of law. The Wizards of Disinformation have created a climate in which Marxist movements like the P.L.O. have been granted the same international political clout as America's Constitutional republic. At the same time, the power of disinformation has given rise to an era in which political movments have become a way for "very clever people to make money." In effect, certain politicians on both sides of the spectrum are the televangelists of the 21st century; political messiahs promising redemption through salvific policy.

Swindle argues that "we cannot beat them at their own game politically," therefore, we must address our political arguments in moral terms, through the application of Biblical values. The litmus test for Swindle is a politician's (or party's) tolerance for antisemitism.