TrackingPoint: Does Technology Take the Sport Out of Shooting?

A $17,000 to $22,000 firearm that "can't miss" and which has a cool technological edge is awesome -- when someone else is footing the bill for you to fire it. The majority of people who consider themselves serious shooters, the kind who will sink thousands of dollars into a rifle, thousands more into a scope, and tens of thousands into ammunition and new barrels, enjoy the process of shooting.

Serious shooters are the heart and soul of America's gun culture. They spend countless hours refining their skills and their own handloaded ammunition, they document every variable of every shot, and they enjoy learning every tic and nuance of their rifle, scope, and ammunition to the end of their system's effective range in all sorts of conditions. They do this because in a very real sense they are craftsmen, honing a unique skill with a precision tool.

TrackingPoint is the auto-tuning of ballistic skill and craftsmanship: what is this product for, exactly?

It doesn't carry with it the soul of the sport, and for that sin, it will inevitably fail among those who love and care about shooting.