Toyota by the Numbers

How many Toyota cars have been cruising the streets of America in the last ten years? Is the number of 34 deaths acceptable considering the total death number of about 400,000? Participating in traffic is a dangerous game, and cars are man-made products. Of course, cars should be produced as reliably as possible, but without clear numbers of other carmakers, the number of Toyota freak fatalities circulating in the media doesn’t tell us much -- apart from the fact that 34 tragedies happened. Again, in the same period, about 400,000 other tragedies happened as well.

Singling out Toyota needs to be justified by an exceptionally high number of defects caused by a lack of Toyota's famous quality control, and this can only be done by a comparative survey. Now, we have no clue how other carmakers perform. Thirty-four fatal "freak" accidents over 10 years involving many millions of Toyota cars seems to be a surprisingly low number. If this is the case, Toyota should be applauded for it, not condemned.

In other words, we need much more data before we trade our Toyotas for a Government Motors car.