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Tort Reform Can Lower Costs Without Harming Health Care. So Why Isn't It in Obama's Plan?

The latest Federal Election Commission data (released 7/13/09) reports that President Obama received the most cash of any candidate from lawyers or law firms -- more than $43 million. He received almost three times more from them than Hillary Clinton ($15 million) and more than four times the amount John McCain received ($9.9 million). President Obama received almost 50 percent of all dollars from the legal industry, and two-thirds of all legal industry dollars went to Democrats Obama and Clinton.

Untitled Image 2

So which is it -- fairness or campaign dollars? It’s difficult to present any logical reason Obama would not include tort reform in his health care planning, yet it is quite easy to fathom $43,071,129 financial reasons.

The Democratic Party's attack on the insurance industry is taking the public’s eye off a larger culprit -- the party and the president’s relationship with the legal profession.