Top 10 Funniest 'Right-Sided' Political Satire Videos of 2011


In this video, economically clueless President Obama has a brand new idea to solve the debt: a Kickstarter campaign where everyone can contribute money to solve our debt problems. And like any Kickstarter project, there are gifts depending on the size of your contribution. Such as an “American flag pin. I don’t need it.” Of course you don't, Barack...would you prefer an Iranian flag pin?


Steven Crowder, talented funny man, had a number of good videos this year, but I love this one titled UNION SUPERPOWER! Featuring "Wisconsin Vern." It’s informative, funny, and he’s got great chemistry with his pal Wisconsin Vern:


Remy writes wonderfully clever lyrics and can sing in so many styles. In this video, he explains how our soldiers fought and died so we could get groped at airports, among other things.