Too White?!

Captain's Quarters: "These kinds of remarks are designed to divide communities and exploit racial tensions for no one's benefit except the speaker's. Jackson sees the rise of Obama as a threat to his own position as a media-selected leader of the black community and wants to attack him as insufficiently authentic to protect his own turf."

Ed Driscoll: "Barack Obama has just quietly generated his own Sister Souljah moment. It will be interesting to see if he can capitalize on it further."

Andrew Sullivan: "Obama in the end didn't need a Sistah Souljah moment. He needed a Jesse Jackson moment. And he just got one."

Cliff Schecter: "Look, I'm not naive enough to believe that if Obama got the nomination race wouldn't become an issue at some point in a general election. But I certainly didn't think it would be Jesse Jackson who would inject the issue of race into this election."

Hot Air: "What's more obnoxious - equating Obama's refusal to behave exactly as Jackson wants him to with racial inauthenticity, the fact that Jackson would make that rhetorical move so casually as not even to remember it afterwards, the offhand insult to whites who are interested in the Jena case and support the defendants, or the fact that he's conveniently overlooking the fact that Obama is white on his mother's side?

Red State: "Jesse Jackson is a liar as well as race pimp because we all know if there was any political or monetary gain to be made in him going to Jena, he would already be there."

The Van Der Galiën Gazette: "It amazes me to no end that some African-Americans actually listen to whatever it is Jesse Jackson has to say."

The American Thinker: "But attacking a man you've already endorsed for refusing to sink to that same level of repugnancy betrays the very man you are. And attempting to introduce the word 'White' as a pejorative is beneath contempt."

Booker Rising: "Yes, the Jena 6 case is foul, but hardly equivalent to black masses not having voting rights. Come now."

Stop The ACLU: "A black man that acts like he is white boils down to, he isn't black enough, at least in the Reverend's twisted mind."