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Too Weird To Be True: 'Green Sex'

The FFF people thought that the tribes would be just as gung ho about saving the rainforest as they were. Alas, the indigenous folk had far less important things on their minds, like eating and trying to stay alive in the jungle.

F*ck For Forest actually got started with a grant from the Norwegian government -- something the bureaucrats instantly regretted when they realized what the founders were up to. Their first public act was the founders of the group having sex on stage while a band called "Cumshots" played.

No, seriously. They've spent about $85,000 on rainforest projects like buying up land and promoting "indigenous lifestyles" in various South and Central American countries. They also live what is referred to as a "frugal" lifestyle, "wearing clothes and eating food they find in rubbish bins, rather than spending the charity's money." And rather than using a middleman or go-between to manage their projects, they do so directly so that most of the cash goes where it was intended.

Of course, the major reason for this is that none of the big time NGOs will have anything to do with them. Both the Rainforest Foundation and the Norwegian World Wildlife Fund  "turned down their donations once they discovered what they did, claiming that other donors would disapprove of their fundraising methods."

What's not to like about these guys? Sounds like fun, right?

Not according to the co-founder:

We have so much responsibility. We have so much to do with these projects. It's a really heavy subject to work with sexual repression and ecology. With the website, all the uploading and emailing, we're a small group keeping it together and it's an incredible amount of work. But we're subject to so much suspicion, and we have to answer for so much of what we're doing. We're giving so much of ourselves to this.

Above and beyond, man. Above and beyond.