Tomorrow Belongs to Me

“Leave your troubles outside,” Joel Gray announces to the nightclub’s audience. Cabaret’s garishly painted master of ceremonies promises them that “in here, life is beautiful.” But by the end of the film, the club’s doors are no longer a barrier to the ugliness of encroaching totalitarianism and Jew-hatred. The movie’s closing shot is a distorted reflection of the cabaret’s patrons, among whom are now visible a number of Nazi brownshirts.

Tomorrow did not belong to Nazism, because the Allied forces rose up against it – however belatedly – and crushed it militarily. Its raging momentum was largely (though not entirely) snuffed out in Adolph Hitler’s bunker. But not before genocidal horrors had been wreaked across the European continent.

Today, a new Jew-hating totalitarian force is on the march, this time not only in Europe but across the globe. Or rather, it is an old one that in fact reaches back fourteen centuries, but which rages today with a newfound intensity. For the most part the Nazis tried to keep their Final Solution under wraps, but these totalitarians don’t often bother to conceal their genocidal, imperialistic, and supremacist agenda. In the wake of the grotesquely misnamed “Arab Spring,” for example, countless thousands of Muslim Brothers in Tahrir Square last November chanted, “One day we shall kill all the Jews.” They don’t need to camouflage their message, because just as when we faced Nazism, too many of us are either willfully blind to the threat or secretly support it, particularly among the elites in government, academia, and the media, who busy themselves denouncing the mythical threat of “Islamophobia.”

As GLORIA Center scholar and PJ Media columnist Barry Rubin points out, “the greatest threat of hatred, ‘racism,’ dehumanization of the ‘other,’ and threat of persecution today – as the statistics for Europe and North America show – is not ‘Islamophobia’ but anti-Semitism.” And the storm troopers of today’s Jew-hatred are jihadists.