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'To my knowledge, I have no knowledge' -- The Best Tweets During the Kerry-Hagel Buttfumble Briefing on Syria

Today's briefing in the Senate on Syria, starring Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and Secretary of State John Kerry, did not go well for Team Obama. Hagel accidentally said the Syria intervention would be a "war." Kerry envisioned scenarios in which there would be American boots on the ground, despite President Obama's insistence that there will never been American boots on the ground in Syria. Kerry had to backtrack. Kerry acknowledged that if Assad survives the US strike, which is virtually guaranteed since Assad is not a target, that he will stand up and crow that he "defeated America." Sen. John McCain tried his hand at Obama foreign policy, implausibly arguing that Syria's rebels are mostly secular, moderate and democratic, echoing Director of National Intelligence James Clapper's statement that the Muslim Brotherhood is "mostly secular."

Here are some of the best tweets I saw during the debacle on the Hill.