To Keep America Safe, We Must Remake the Military in Obama's Image

With the passage of his signature health control legislation, President Obama has unprecedented momentum to restructure American society as he wishes -- which means completely. It takes a long time to put together legislation to control three hundred million people, and the time to continue is right now:

President Obama and the congressional leadership have now learned that, if you have enough chutzpah, anything is possible in American politics and there's little to nothing that Republicans can do about it.

Conservative vitriol and racism won't work, and lots of pork -- practically an infinite amount -- remains available to bring about change. Bribing people with what they foolishly consider their own money is great and should be effective for the foreseeable future. Even Russia, a former enemy, thinks the United States under President Obama is great; we can't quarrel with Putin! Let's do it all immediately! That's the plan. Next year may be too late.

The American military is no longer compatible with our changing society, and the concept of civilian control of the military has become risible. Military officers lecture our beloved commander in chief daily on strategy and even tactics, although he is obviously far more intelligent and perceptive than they are. Enlightened notions of political correctness, uniformity, and equality have failed to permeate the military, rendering it ill-prepared to deal with our postmodern society. The vast gulf between the military and civilian sectors makes military understanding of the civilian mind impossible, and there is no way for civilians to comprehend the military mind (the draft is no longer with us).

To deal with this pre-Obama societal condition, grossly damaging everyone but not President Obama's fault, all members of the military must be fully integrated into civilian society and enabled to experience the same pains and pleasures as civilians.

Immediate steps are needed to resolve this crisis, not only to enhance military readiness but also to promote the general welfare, social justice, economic equality, and a recognition that Islamic jihad is as American as apple pie. Termination of the failed special relationship with Britain must also be taken into account; but what the heck, we now have Russia as a special friend.

It is a venal sin to waste such a crisis. The world is watching expectantly, and America must serve as a far better example than ever before. Even as we cross the Rubicon with truly comprehensive reform -- accurately described with characteristic aplomb by Vice President Biden as "a big f***ing deal" -- there remain misdeeds of former administrations and President Obama will need many terms in office to finish the job of apologizing for them. Clearly, he should follow the example of Hugo Chávez, who has done so much to integrate Venezuelan society. With the help of such forward thinking leaders as Chávez, William Ayers, and the late lamented Saul Alinsky, we must and therefore shall overcome.

The monumental task of restoring American prestige, humanity, humility, and exceptionalism continues to confront us. This is no less important than warding off the imminent climate change Armageddon, and President Obama's fantastic health care victory shows that he has more than enough popular support, increasing daily, to do it. Given this momentum, we must move on! More Great Leaps Forward are needed. This is a matter of national security as well as national prestige. American exceptionalism is at stake.

This manifesto sets forth the bare minimum changes we must make and in which we must not only believe but, as Tinkerbell said, clap our hands to be successful; through faith in President Obama we shall overcome. And it won't cost even a penny. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has stated (tentatively) that these changes will enhance revenue by more than five thousand dollars and reduce the deficit by at least double that amount over the next century. Unlike numbers with dozens of zeroes, even the least of us can easily comprehend them.