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Time for Aliyah?

If we examine the evolving official policies of the various European countries towards the state they created -- coupled with the anti-Semitism mounting with frightening rapidity in all those countries over the past two decades – it’s evident that the gift of the UN would not today be proffered. The guilt and shame felt so intensely in 1947 seems largely to have dissipated, and the state which it created is now considered an imperialist, neo-colonialist plant. (Have you ever noticed that the term “Middle Eastern” is routinely used to refer exclusively to countries dominated by Arabic-speaking Muslims? Israel is ignored, because Israel is deemed to be a “foreign” implant in the region).

For the past 65-plus years, the leaders of the state of Israel have acquiesced in the claim that their legitimacy rests somehow in recognition by the United Nations; it is long past time that they abandon this fiction. The nation of Israel (as opposed to the state) is, after all, the ‘am levadad yishkon uva-goyim lo yithchashav (“people which dwells apart and is not counted among the nations”; Numbers XXIII,9). Their claim on the Holy Land rests on a much older agreement, a covenant executed at Sinai 3,326 years ago. That agreement is still in force, though far too many Israelis would prefer to ignore its existence, or would seek to modify its terms to match “modern” (i.e., foreign, non-Jewish) ideals. But the terms of the agreement are not subject to modification (cf. Deuteronomy IV,2 and XIII,1).

Successive governments of Israel over the past 21 years have painted themselves into a corner, adopting a “peace process” which from the beginning has been entirely unilateral. It has been embraced with unseemly enthusiasm by the very nations who voted for Israel’s existence in 1947, urged upon Israel even though anyone with eyes to see knows that it is a path to suicide. For eleven of the thirteen “no” votes were cast by every independent Muslim country at the time. None of them, nor any of the others which have come into existence in our post-colonial age, would change that vote. They did not and do not accept partition.

If the Israelis wish to extricate themselves from the corner into which they have painted themselves, there is but one solution: It is time for them, all of them, to “come home” to the only covenant which guarantees them security and sovereignty in the real estate which they are inhabiting.