Three Years, $4 Trillion, and 'All the Right Choices' Later

Oh, and I almost forgot to note that this $35 billion boondoggle, suddenly more important than building roads and bridges, which was supposedly the big priority just a month ago, is supposed to be funded by a surtax on "millionaires" -- y'know, the people who would likely be creating jobs by growing their businesses or investing more aggressively if they weren't already so intimidated by the administration's regulatory and authoritarian overhang.

The placement of public-sector jobs over private, even though without the private sector's taxes the public sector can't exist, is only the latest evidence that Obama's "choices we've made" -- he, his administration, and his party -- are about something other than economic growth and the country's fiscal well-being. Meanwhile, real incomes have fallen dramatically, and millions of former jobholders are slowly but surely becoming virtually unemployable beyond entry level through no fault of their own. The government's "investment" choices could hardly be more corrupt or crony-driven. Its green-obsessive determination to stifle domestic energy exploration and development could hardly be more immovable. The hostility of labor, environmental, and other regulators could hardly be more obvious.

Presidential candidate Herman Cain is largely right when he says that the mostly misguided Occupy Wall Street crowd should relocate its primary headquarters to just outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I would also suggest deploying a contingent to the Capitol. Far more important are the required deployments of sensible citizens to the voting booths in 2012 to give Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and so many others who are ruining the futures of so many a chance to join the ranks of those who have lost their jobs. Whether we can hold out that long -- or until January 20, 2013, given potential for last-minute presidential mischief -- remains highly problematic.