Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Have Their Junk Squeezed

I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but if the overall goal of this administration were to crush the nation's self-respect and turn individual citizens into a spineless biomass cowering in awe of government powers, electronic strip searches, and groping pat-downs would be an excellent way to do it.

Quite opportunely, former Senate Majority Tom Daschle's wife happened to be lobbying nearby, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars given to her by the L3 strip search manufacturer. She was paid to convince the government to ditch the non-intrusive "puffer" machines that blew air at passengers and analyzed it for traces of explosives undetectable by all other scanners, especially if the explosives were hidden in body cavities. The system worked perfectly in laboratory conditions but was scrapped in 2009 before the machines could be perfected in airports. The demise of the puffers coincided with Tom Daschle's wife's lobbying efforts. As the stars would have it, she was rubbing shoulders with George Soros and Michael Chertoff, two serious customers with some serious investments in another competing company called Rapiscan.

When such great ideological, political, and financial interests start working together for the common good, chances of regular folks not getting their junk squeezed border on the paranormal.

These regular, common-sense folks would be happier if, instead of strip searches, George Soros's money were invested in the following anonymous proposal that is currently bouncing off their computers in the form of a chain mail: Develop an armored booth for the passenger to step into, and if there are any explosives hidden on or in his body, the machine detonates them automatically. No racial profiling, no invasion of privacy, no long and expensive trials -- a win-win for everyone. All the other passengers will only hear a muffled explosion followed by a pleasant chime: "Scanner clean-up at Gate 7. ... Attention standby passengers: we now have a seat available ... ."

Whoever thought up that idea must have a serious aversion to equality of outcomes. In the modern age of Keynesian morals and redistributive justice, the perseverance of die-hard "common-sensers" who write and forward such emails can only be explained by the objective existence of absolute human values that are antithetical to utopian thinking with all the usual scheming that comes with it. One such absolute human value would be the shared yearning to take a family on Christmas vacation and bring them back home in one piece, alive and unmolested.

Herein lies the divide between the two opposing ideologies: one is rooted in objective, absolute human values, and the other one is rooted in fleeting, feel-good opinions that always mutate depending on political expediency and their usefulness to advancing the conveniently vague idea of "progress."

To an untrained eye, these seem to be two equal, parallel worlds where people can choose to settle -- or to live between them in permanent confusion. But that choice is false. As we can see, even the toughest proponents of utopian relativist morality still need to rely on absolute standards in order to survive and advance their careers. No one can live on junk values alone; that utopian world exists entirely at the expense of the reality-based universe. Those who claim to live solely by impossible utopian principles are only deluding themselves and the others.

The real choice, therefore, is either to live by universal objective standards and common sense, or to succumb to eternal confusion that has spawned such oxymorons as "redistributive justice" and is responsible for the very existence of the Obama administration.

In a nutshell, to paraphrase George Santayana's bumper sticker, those who forget universal values are doomed to have universal pat-downs.

This is why focusing public attention on the existence of absolute standards will always be damaging to progressivism with its amorphous junk values. The more the national dialogue dwells on universal core values, such as our lives and freedoms, the more people will side with objective reality and shake off the unhealthy seduction of utopian social experiments that has kept this nation in the state of confusion for a dangerously long time.