13 Ideas for the 2013 GOP

12)   Support bipartisan immigration reform: Assigning Senator Marco Rubio to negotiate a compromise immigration bill was a wise move. Hispanics helped provide President Obama’s margin of victory last year; their future clout will only grow due to higher birth rates, and a new approach is strongly advised for the GOP.

13)   Create a Victoria Soto memorial: Renaming teacher scholarship programs after Ms. Soto, who gave her life protecting her students in Newtown, would not only be a kind gesture but would also help soften the GOP’s sometimes harsh image, as Ms. Soto was a “two-fer”: female and Latin.

None of these ideas would necessarily guarantee future GOP victories. Any opposition party has, by definition, to almost always hope for the incumbents to make mistakes. If either Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden is running in 2016 on a platform of peace and prosperity, then “New Ideas” will hardly matter. But I firmly believe that these concepts are a good start. Let the Republican debates begin.

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