Third Party Knocks Labor Down to Third Place

Some caution that the Conservatives are paying too much attention to Clegg and his party’s surprising surge:

Cameron needs to win over the initiative and quick, he needs to offset the momentum gained by Clegg and make it clear to the electorate that a vote for the LibDem’s is still a vote for Labor. He needs to bring back the discourse in his election back to the "power to the people" message he excellently gave at the manifesto launch.

And others remind Cameron that he must clarify his message to distinguish himself from the other two parties:

One former Conservative minister said that it was “genuinely bewildering” that Labor was so close to the Conservatives, raising fears that the country could face a hung parliament after the election.

“We are in a genuinely bewildering situation,” he said. “We have got a government that's so discredited, and a prime minister who's quite clearly incapable of doing the job properly, who is beset by nauseating rows. It is quite astonishing that we are not doing better."

There are two more debates between now and the election. We shall see if Clegg can sustain his popularity.