Things Looking Up for GOP in N.H.? Sliver of Separation Between Brown and Shaheen

Since launching his campaign in New Hampshire, Brown has criticized the Democrats on issues ranging from the Affordable Care Act to the Veterans Affairs scandal. Shaheen has been referred to as the “deciding vote” in the passage of Obama’s healthcare reform and was seen as complicit in the VA scandal. Recently, Brown has made immigration reform a talking point on the campaign trail as the debate becomes more heated in Washington.

“In the midst of an ongoing wave of people coming here illegally, we should be focused on securing the border and enforcing existing law. This is a major difference I have with my opponent, Sen. Shaheen,” Brown said in his latest press release on the topic. “Of course, we welcome legal immigration, but we must say no to illegal immigration that undermines the rule of law and our sovereignty as a nation.”

Smith also joined the immigration conversation, offering his support to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) in his quest to defund the deferred action for childhood arrivals program.

“Such a bill, if passed the Senate, would stifle the President’s ability to abandon the rule of law and reshape our country’s immigration policy without the consent of the American people by way of their representatives in Congress,” Smith said in a release.