They Really Do Think We’re that Stupid

The war against morality is in full swing in America.  It appears the extreme left-wing is winning.  It’s not just fake Catholics like the Democrats’ leader in the House Nancy Pelosi or her equally spiritually vapid counterpart in the Senate John Kerry.  They are just inspiration for the small, and I want to stress small, but incredibly determined army of the morally bankrupt in America.  The last election had no room for so-called social issues.  In fact, both political parties agreed to marginalize and ignore the fabric of who we are.  This abandonment of principle led to the defeat of two Senatorial candidates.  Well, it was that and their ham-handed defense of the nation’s morality.  The economy and jobs were issues one, two and three.  But I contend it’s the lack of a robust defense of the nation’s morality that has led us to this sorry state to begin with.  And it’s all part of the left’s plan.

“Don’t judge me man,” is a statement that only partially describes the extreme left-wing’s visceral aversion to faith.  The success of the liberal agenda is only possible is Americans are divorced from any sense of morality.  Admittedly the actions of a select few have made this task easier.  Pedophile priests, conservatives who decide to have extra-marital affairs or politicians who abandon defense of a morality in America, are used to great effect by plotting leftists.  But these human failings notwithstanding, it’s instructive for Americans to look at how the left uses these cases as billy clubs to indict faith in general.  Does human failure reflect negatively on the message of religion?  Americans must ask, because our complicit media won’t, what does the left find so objectionable about the world’s major religions?  Is it the respect for life?  Is it the idea of peace on Earth and good will toward men?  Is it the clear understanding of right and wrong?  Humans fail.  That’s part of our nature.  But that doesn’t or shouldn’t open the door to bash faith in general.

How else could the most extreme left-wing president ever to occupy the White House possibly win re-election?  The economy is in the toilet, unemployment is sky high, yet Americans re-elected a man who promised to raise taxes on a certain group so as to redistribute their wealth to others who’ve suffered under his polices.  A few short years ago our petulant, novice president would have been laughed out of Washington along with his band of acolytes.  But that didn’t happen.  The reason it didn’t happen is perhaps the left’s greatest victory over America to date.  A moral people would dismiss President Obama’s redistributionist polices as immoral.   They’d reject the idea of passing unplayable debt onto generations to come.  Even children know it’s wrong to take, by force, what is earned by one and give it away to others.  But liberals, through the press and popular culture, have been successful in convincing Americans that their tax money is better used in the hands of some wasteful and inefficient programs in Washington.  They’ve forgotten that the money would be better used by private charities that make sure the truly needy would get help.  But suffering and fear can be powerful tools to force men and women, worried about providing the basics for their family, to compromise their most deeply held beliefs.  Excessive government created our nation’s ills.  And the left is ready with more government as the only cure for those ills.  Many Americans find themselves asking, “How did we get here?”  The answer rests in us.  We failed to push back against the left-wing’s attacks on the nation’s morality.