These Two Astonishing Moments Happened on MSNBC Last Night

The late Clayton Lockett was sentenced to death for the brutal murder of Stephanie Nieman. The sentence was carried out Tuesday by the state of Oklahoma. The state used a new formula for its lethal injection, and it did not work entirely according to plan. Lockett ended up taking a little while before succumbing.

MSNBC had Lockett's step-mother, Ladonna Hollins, on for an interview Wednesday night. Together, she and network host Ari Melber floated a conspiracy theory that Lockett was "tortured to death."

Which, even if true, would be a sort of justice given how Lockett shot Stephanie in cold blood and then buried her alive.

Neither the host nor the guest mention Stephanie Nieman at all.

As awful as the above segment is, it may only be the runner-up for MSNBC's worst moment of the day, as you'll see on the next page.