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The Washington Independent Passes into the Night

The "Windy" signed off Wednesday in an unintentionally entertaining post by its editor, Aaron Weiner.

I’ve had the tremendous honor of working with some of the best young reporters in the country: Spencer Ackerman, whose tenacity as a national security reporter is completely unrivaled; Dave Weigel, who defined the modern conservative movement and understood it like no one else...

Uh, yeah.  Spencer Ackerman, the linguistically incontinent lefty whose "serial insubordination" got him fired by Franklin Foer at The New Republic.  Spencer Ackerman, the JournoList alum who loves to engage in violenct fantasies against conservatives.  This Spencer Ackerman:

… In other words, find a right winger’s [sic] and smash it through a plate-glass window. Take a snapshot of the bleeding mess and send it out in a Christmas card to let the right know that it needs to live in a state of constant fear.

That lovely thought sprung from Ackerman's mind in the course of trying to get his fellow JournoListers to defend then-Sen. Barack Obama from the Jeremiah Wright problem by asserting without evidence that any and all conservative critics of Obama were racists.  That's Mr. Tenacity at the ol' "Windy."

And Mr. Weigel, whom Weiner dubs the definer of the conservative movement.  Weigel ended up at the "Windy" after JournoList got exposed, his offense being that he'd evidently played the Washington Post into thinking he was a conservative writing about the conservative movement, when he was actually an enemy of the conservative movement writing about the conservative movement.  That, and his using the JournoList to air comments such as suggesting that Matt Drudge, who was not a JournoLister, should "set himself on fire," caused his resignation.  And immediately earned him a slot at the soon-to-be-deceased "Windy."

Credibility obviously wasn't one of the "Windy's" primary hiring criteria.  For your own amusement, go read the AIM's "Ethics" page and see if any of it resembles either Weigel or Ackerman.

More from the "Windy's" farewell address.

Together, you have come to our site nearly 20 million times since January 2008, and for that we’re eternally grateful.

Let's see, January 2008 to now, that's roughly 775 days.  Twenty million hits divided by 775 days, that's about 25,800 hits per day.  The "Windy" was all bluster -- its Alexa rankings were pathetic.  I know, Alexa isn't perfect, but still ... they had Dave Weigel and Spencer "Too Hot for TNR" Ackerman.  You'd think that would be good for a few thousand extra hits per day.  Evidently, not.

So the "Windy" will blow away on Dec 1, and will go unremembered and unlamented outside the Hufflepuff Roast.

I'd have rang up Soros to ask him why he's pulling the plug on such a pedigreed operation, but his cell phone seldom rings when he's in his lair, plotting his next move to steal Austin Powers' mojo.