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The Vote Fraud Deniers

Every day, the media is dragged, kicking and screaming, to another story about serious vote fraud in America. Illegal voting by felons; imposters voting as the long-dead; vote rolls stuffed with ineligible names; phony registrations; non-citizens casting ballots; fraudulent absentee ballots. Indeed, in Indiana, the president was illegally placed on the ballot with hundreds of forged signatures. But like the cub reporters they become in Democrat scandals, our media reluctantly pushes out a meager online paragraph, usually kicked to the last page.

Many Democrats believe that anyone present in the United States, citizen or not, is “an American” and should be entitled to vote, one way or the other. That is, if they vote Democrat. There is no urgency in their policies or rhetoric when military men and women have difficulty voting. Have you ever heard a Democratic official complain about the scandal, ongoing for decades, that overseas fighters cannot get their ballots on time?

Democrats contend that coordination of database reviews between the federal and state governments is a privacy violation. Yet Florida has discovered thousands of felons, non-citizens, and the dead on its voting rolls. It has tried for years to get DHS to compare its rolls against federal records. Secretary Napolitano has completely stonewalled Florida. And when Florida passed comprehensive, anti-fraud legislation, the dem-deniers immediately filed lawsuits to overturn them.

So what, precisely, is the strategy of these dem-deniers? First, of course, it is to whip up minorities against Republicans. Second, it is to make the ballot so insecure that millions of phony votes get tallied up for Democratic candidates. In November, they plan to flood the precincts with bused-in provisional ballots and same-day-registration votes. Once in the box, it will take years for anyone to figure out that many were illegal.

That happened in Minnesota, where a United States senator was likely sworn in to office on a fraud. That happened in Indiana, where an investigation from the 2008 election is still in process. Investigations are still progressing as to why voting machines in Philadelphia “malfunctioned” in such large numbers in 2008. And so on across the country, in every state.

On May 11, Florida election officials announced that they are examining over 180,000 people who they say may not be U.S. citizens but are registered to vote in Florida. Chris Cate of the Division of Elections said Florida officials have asked the Obama administration to grant the state access to databases maintained by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to help determine who is a citizen. "We've been requesting access, but have so far been denied," he said.

Why has the Department of Justice, now the most partisan in our history, announced through its Civil Rights Division head, Julie Fernandes, that it would not force states to clean up vote rolls? Because, according to her, it would conflict with the department’s goal of increasing “voter participation.”

DOJ has never denied Fernandes made those comments, and now all of America is living with it.