The Vote Fraud Deniers

On October 9, 2011, a New York Times headline read: “The Myth of Vote Fraud.” According to the editorial board, the wave of new laws passed in 19 states, designed to fight fraud at the ballot box, was merely another Republican retro-stunt to keep minorities from voting. Immediately, Democrats adopted the headline as a great election tactic.

So it was no coincidence that in preparation for the 2012 election the NAACP  announced that there is no vote fraud in America. It petitioned the United Nations Human Rights Council — composed of many of America’s detractors — to intervene in our election process. According to the NAACP, laws passed in response to a clear and present danger to the integrity of the ballot box are Republican “Jim Crow” laws.

Why? Because, according to Ben Jealous, president of the NAACP, requiring a photo ID to vote is such an egregious assault focused only on minorities that the attorney general of the United States should intervene. And he did! In tandem with his long-time friend, Eric Holder launched a massive DOJ campaign to stop what he calls “vote suppression” laws — like requiring photo IDs at polling places. He has threatened to prosecute anyone — including democratic American states -- who would dare require photo ID of minorities.

Launching lawsuits against various states, Holder claims that laws which ramp up ballot security are a danger to our democracy. He contends that minorities (read “Democrats”) disproportionately do not have, and cannot procure, photo IDs. Of course, no evidence has ever been presented for this whopper, nor has it been explained how this same group manages to receive and process disproportionate welfare help — even when the government requires serious photo proof of identification for each recipient.

Remember, this was the same attorney general who dismissed a slam-dunk prosecution of the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation. (Think scary guys with billy clubs at a Philly precinct.)

The Democratic Party has promulgated talking points -- fed to its sympathetic media machine buds -- attacking any organization which a) alleges a vote fraud problem, or b) proposes even the most benign of ballot security measures, or c) demands a scrubbing of voting rolls. Even non-partisan organizations like “True the Vote”-- dedicated to combating vote-theft – have been viciously attacked as subversive, back-of–the-bus carpetbaggers.