The Victim Factory: Occupy Wall Street and The Left's Culture of Crime

While the big story in conservative circles is the stunning amount of criminality coming out at the Occupy Wall Street protests, I'm shocked there hasn't been more. The Occupy protesters are -- by and large -- downwardly mobile, sheltered, white drug users who have joined a variety of fringe movements and refuse to cooperate with police in any criminal matters. In the highly politicized blogosphere where most of these stories are being broken we often call people like these "radicals" or "revolutionaries," but in the real world they are known by another name.


I often describe the mainstream Left in this country as a cult -- and it is. But a better description for the Left is a victim factory. We have allowed the Left to indoctrinate generation after generation of our youth into a worldview designed to create a dependent, addicted, rudderless population adrift in a sea of moral relativism. That the Left does this to create lifelong clients of the authoritarian state they dream of is a moot point because the real danger in this country isn't that leftists can succeed in overthrowing America, but that the byproduct of their plan is the social chaos that comes from the criminality their learned weakness encourages. Leftism extols the supposed virtue of moral, emotional, and physical weakness; it applauds those who remain dependent on the largess of others all the while vilifying the very ideas of self-reliance, honor, and morality. It teaches that crime is caused not by moral failings but by income inequality. At Occupy Wall Street we see the truth about crime.

Crime is driven by the criminals' belief they can get away with it.

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