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The Unprecedented Intensity of the YouCut Movement

On Wednesday, we announced the second YouCut winner. (The first winner was a proposal to eliminate an unnecessary and duplicative $2.4 billion welfare program.) The second cut, introduced by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), would eliminate the latest round of nonmilitary federal employee pay raises. This would save taxpayers $2 billion next year, and approximately $30 billion over the next decade.

We believe this cut should be a no-brainer for Democrats and Republicans alike. There’s no doubt that many federal employees do important work for our country, but this is precisely the kind of spending cut we have to start making to restore some fiscal sanity in America -- especially considering the recent report that federal compensation is significantly outpacing that of the private sector.

On Friday, House Republicans will bring this common-sense spending reduction proposal to the floor for consideration. A vote on this week's YouCut winner will reveal whether Democrat claims of fiscal discipline are real, or just lip service.

The YouCut project won’t singlehandedly solve our national debt problem, but that’s not the point. If we want to avoid the situation facing Europe today and to ensure that our children and grandchildren have the kind of economic security that we enjoyed, then we have to start looking at every possible nook and cranny of federal spending and find ways to cut spending wherever we possibly can.

Please help us spread the word and get out the vote!