The Unethical "Ethicist"

I don't know about you, but I rarely read and rarely agree with emThe New York Times' /emRandy Cohen, aka "The Ethicist." He is so a href=""stuck in being PC /athat his responses are often dripping with condescension, immorality, and reverse discrimination. Amy Alkon, the Advice Goddess pickes up on his questionable ethics a href=""in a recent post: /abr /br /blockquoteThe New York Times' Randy Cohen, aka "The Ethicist," argues for affirmative discrimination (and made me feel like I needed a shower after reading his reply). br /br /Personally, I don't believe you resolve discrimination by discriminating. Furthermore, "minority candidates" who are qualified must find it pretty insulting to be assumed to be "affirmative action" hires. Here's the question:/blockquotebr /br /Go over and read the question and answer a href=""at the Advice Goddess's place /awhile I go take a shower.