The Un-Bama

Obama has become the beacon for the notion that America needs to repent for its presumed amoral past and beg for forgiveness the world over in order to restore our moral standing. A popular view among the far left and university personnel (Obama’s roots), this view encapsulates the never-ending game of western or American guilt: The requirement that Americans behave as if they have unjustly enriched themselves off of the backs the rest of the world and, as such, need to “give back.” To boot, it is never made clear when enough “give back” is enough.

This is symbiotic with a related perspective -- America, anything but first. Hence, American exceptionalism is forbidden and to be despised. Instead, Obama will use every opportunity to demonstrate how respectful he is of others and how humble he is as an American. Yet the most rudimentary psychological evaluation of Obama reveals anything but humility. Perhaps no American leader has demonstrated as much true hubris as Obama carries with him daily.

Emotional resonance is another critical attribute. He has been the consummate salesman, or “flim-flam man,” coming into town ready to sell whatever the audience will accept, only to later figure a way to weasel his way out of living up to his word. After awhile, those who look at him with open eyes  bounce between fear to panic and back as they realize the country has elected a leader who, along with his close staff, is willing to sacrifice the most fundamental priorities of the nation with the most shocking cold-heartedness. His complete lack of “real” emotion, covered up by a false, almost Las Vegas “Rat Pack” veneer, has recently become apparent to more and more of the nation.

Finally, “change”  has been Obama’s calling card. And, as with any hypnotic induction, vagueness can powerfully bind many a subject when left to the mind of the listener to clarify. Nevertheless, many Obama supporters are beginning to realize that the “change” he or she imagined the president to have suggested is different from the almost complete overhaul of our national fabric that Obama and his minions have been pounding out. As more of the country discovers this, they are becoming less interested in a radical and massive transformation of the country and more interested in simple “baby step” improvements while maintaining the integrity of our system.

All of this leads one to consider whether what is truly needed to beat Obama is to have someone who doesn't  resemble him. Perhaps what will emerge for Republicans is not a charismatic, dream-laden salesman who knows how to wow audiences, handle Oprah, and romance NBC “news” personalities, but rather someone who is simple and, perhaps, not very good looking or stylish at all.

Perhaps they should choose someone not looking to be on Mt. Rushmore before he can ease the economy and address the true faults in our health care system while not destroying it. Perhaps someone who doesn’t claim to be open and transparent while keeping under wraps critical aspects of his past; one whose past is easily understandable and relatable. One who, to his core, is American, from America, and, most importantly, loves America. One who is strong enough to fight for America, show he is prepared to fight, believe in its exceptionalism, and no longer apologize for any so-called “harms” upon which the world’s numerous “victim” groups have cast their identities. One who sees clearly the dangers of “radical” Islam and has tired of pretending it is anything other than what it says and does. And one who tells the truth and loves the truth.

Perhaps what is needed is the Un-Bama.