The UN and the Obama Administration on the Wrong Side of History

The spectacle of the UN Security Council engaged in one more Israel-bashing exercise, while the the Iranian and Arab world burns, is a stark example of the organization’s moral turpitude and irrelevance for the 21st century.  The Council is set to convene this afternoon to consider a resolution condemning all Israeli settlements built on what Arabs claim is their land.  The Obama administration is doing everything possible to placate Israel’s foes, and may well decide to refuse to exercise its veto power, though the resolution promotes a grossly one-sided distortion of fact and law.  The wrong side of history is close at hand.

Despite the talk about the president, the secretary of state, and the director of national intelligence being in the dark on most things going on in the Middle East, like the “secular” Muslim Brotherhood, there is nothing mysterious about today’s events.  Serving up Israel when the going gets tough is what Arab dictators and demagogues do at regular intervals. Since the same bunch dictates virtually all outcomes at the UN, but for the Security Council, it is also what the UN does.  If the president decides to join them, therefore, he is betting against democracy with his eyes wide open.

Already, via U.S. UN Ambassador Susan Rice, the administration has capitulated and agreed to a unanimous Security Council “presidential statement” condemning Israel.  That strategy just whet the appetites of Muslim and Arab negotiators who can recognize weakness as well as every other observer.

To understand just how evil the scene is, it is necessary to talk about what happened to Lara Logan.  The CBS reporter was in Cairo last week covering the aftermath of the overthrow of Mubarak, when she was brutally sexually assaulted by democracy-celebrating Egyptians heard yelling “Jew, Jew.” It does not matter that she wasn’t Jewish. It does matter that the hatred and anti-Semitism which runs so deep among the masses screaming for tolerance, for everybody but Jews, is precisely what is driving the diplomatic mobs at the UN. Ganging up on Israel at the UN Security Council is an ugly and contemptible scene.