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The Top 10 Reasons Why Obamacare Will Always Be Controversial

Supposing that the federal government eventually gets Healthcare.gov to work, many Democrats believe that Obamacare will eventually become popular. While some Americans will come to depend on Obamacare and its subsidies, driving up dependence on government and solidifying more Democrat votes, their signature law will always be a divisive, controversial law.

obama-reid-pelosi1. No Republicans or independents voted for it or had any input into it. Obamacare is a Democrat law designed to impose Democrat goals. Republicans and independents have no stake in seeing it succeed, and Democrats respond to their objections with insults -- you're racist for opposing it, or you love X more than you love America for opposing it. That won't win anyone over. Because Obamacare imposes offensive, wrongheaded and damaging policies, millions of Americans have a stake in seeing it fail. Democrats tend to respond by noting that the conservative Heritage Foundation once supported something similar to Obamacare, and Republican Gov. Mitt Romney enacted something similar to it in Massachusetts. Fair enough, but the Heritage Foundation is an idea factory and has since repudiated its support for Obamacare-style mandates. Romney governed a blue state and got the best deal he could get from its overwhelmingly Democratic legislature. What's enacted in Massachusetts is not necessarily right for Oklahoma or Florida or Texas. Democrats' response: It's the law now, so deal with it. They don't apply that logic to the Second Amendment, and no one is under any obligation to simply accept Obamacare just because it's currently the law. Laws are changed and repealed all the time. That's why we send representatives to Washington and to our state capitals.

secret2. Democrats crafted it in secret and bought the votes they needed to get it through Congress. Barack Obama promised to deliver the most transparent administration in American history, but on his signature law, he not only failed, he practically demanded that the law was built in secret. The "Louisiana Purchase" of Sen. Mary Landrieu's vote and the "Cornhusker Kickback" to buy Sen. Ben Nelson's vote will forever tarnish Obamacare as a corrupt bargain.




3. It doesn't actually help Americans buy insurance by making it more affordable. It just orders us to buy insurance or face the IRS. It orders employers to provide coverage for their employees or face the IRS. The IRS is the most feared, and one of the least trusted, government agencies, and Obamacare jams it into our most personal decisions. Obamacare's implementation has also been fundamentally unfair: Democrat allies got exemptions that the rest of us couldn't get. The math just doesn't work for Obamacare to make insurance cheaper. By forcing companies to take on new risk and not allowing them to charge more for assuming that risk, Obamacare forces them to charge more -- a lot more -- to everyone. Many individuals and families will find their work hours cut so their employer can avoid Obamacare's mandates, while their insurance prices will go up. Less income plus higher costs will condemn many Americans to a poorer standard of living. The government's answer is to subsidize some of them, but that money has to come from somewhere. Some Americans' taxes will increase to pay for other Americans' subsidies. This will drag and distort the economy in ways not even fully understood yet.

fetus_development_in_fifth_month_hffpn4. Abortion is controversial. Obamacare makes Americans who oppose abortion pay for abortions. Millions of abortions. Obamacare sidesteps the Hyde Amendment and subsidizes about 115,000 abortions per year according to some estimates. Forcing Americans who object to abortion to pay for abortion will never stop being controversial. Ever. It just won't. As a pro-life American myself, I hate Obamacare as much for its social policy as for its economic policy and for its robbing us of our rights. It's the trifecta of awful policy.




5. The majority of Americans objected to Obamacare when the Democrats passed it, but they passed it anyway. Democrats' response: Call people names and pass the bill to spite them. They now defend the law partly out of spite, using lines like "if you don't like Obamacare you must want people to die!" The law is now a talisman on the left and a grave offense in the center and on the right.