The State of Our Union Rendered in a Fractured Bizarro Lens

The state of our union is weak and fraying. This president has launched attacks on faith and is going out of his way to divide our people. Our economy is not growing, it contracted in the final quarter of 2012. Our economy is not growing jobs. On the international front, North Korea greeted President Obama's 2013 rendition of Give Me More Money with a nuclear test -- a sure sign that his strategy of engagement, which his soon-to-be defense secretary supports, is a failure.

But like with all of his other failed policies, Barack Obama declared that he will just keep on doing them all.

So he declared that he wants to hit the wealthy with more taxes. This will not create jobs or grow the economy. He just raised their taxes a month ago. How much will be enough? Liberals never answer that question. Barack Obama pretends that it is never asked.

He wants to "ask more of our wealthy seniors," a line that Sen. Obama and his speechwriter, who once penned lines for Ted Kennedy, would have dubbed a "war on grandma."

He called on getting arguments out of politics, which really is a call for duly elected Republicans in Congress to forget who elected them and why, and just do what he wants.

He called for a new revolution in manufacturing in America, through some government-centered hub system. And he called for a hike in the minimum wage, which will keep pricing American labor higher than many of our competitors around the world. In Barack Obama's way of telling, he was not calling for bigger government, even though he was. The economic consequences of his ideas are less relevant to him than the sound of his voice.

Barack Obama is like this: incoherent. He calls for new government "investments" while claiming that they will not increase the deficit. His plans to pay for them appear to rest on magic.

Barack Obama has no economics background. Upon what basis does he make his claims about creating jobs or growing the economy? It's all entirely political, not based on any sound reality. He is addicted to spending other people's money. For the sake of our country, he needs an intervention.