The Socialist Republic of Canada

The results of the Canadian general election are now graven in stone and Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party has been given a decisive majority. Canadians have opted for change without stopping to consider that change is by no means an unalloyed good. The “hope and change” that Obama promised the American people has led the country into an abyss of debt, racial conflict, open-border chaos, destructive initiatives like global warming legislation, alliances with genocidal enemies, alienation of political friends, and a state of international weakness that would be risible were it not so devastating. America allowed itself to be seduced by a charismatic interloper with spotty credentials, a pro-Muslim bias, hard-left sympathies, and no accomplishments worth mentioning.

It appears that Canada has followed suit, electing an aureate nonentity whose CV would in any sane society have generated howls of laughter or stunned disbelief. “Spectacularly unqualified,” as a PJM commenter posted, Trudeau studied environmental geography at McGill University and engineering at the Université de Montréal—but failed to complete degrees in either discipline. Among his other triumphs, which apparently earned the confidence of the electorate, Trudeau was a snow board instructor, a camp counselor, a white water rafting instructor, and a substitute drama teacher. Even a farcical billet like community organizing would have been more impressive.

Trudeau’s record on the long campaign trail and since his election is no less demoralizing. Having said in an interview that he could understand the movement for Quebec separation from Canada under the politics of Stephen Harper, total bilge given Harper’s recognition of Quebec as “a nation within a united Canada” (much like the status of Bavaria in modern Germany), he was shortly forced to walk back his gaffe. His reaching out to the problematic but vote-rich Muslim constituencies is equally depressing: unvetted Muslim immigration, including 25,000 “Syrian” migrants by Christmas, and the welcoming of niqab-garbed candidates for citizenship. The Supreme Court of Canada has conspired with Trudeau’s Liberals and against Stephen Harper’s Conservatives by allowing Pakistani immigrant Zunera Ishaq to swear the oath of citizenship wearing a mask, thus setting a dismal precedent. Information has just surfaced that Ishaq is a member of the notorious terrorist group Jamaat-e-Islami, but this will not ruffle Trudeau’s elaborate hair-do.

The burlesque continues. Trudeau, whom Al Jazeera calls “Canada’s agent for change,” objected to the word “barbaric” in a citizenship study guide describing certain unsavory Muslim practices like honor killings (once again having to walk back a blunder in a transparent attempt at damage control); engaged in a closed-door colloquy at an Islamic mosque in Regina and was photographed, swathed in a white garments, praying at yet another mosque; explained the Boston Marathon bombing as essentially our fault: “There is no question,” he pontificated, “that this happened because of someone who feels completely excluded, someone who feels completely at war with innocence, at war with society”; vowed to revoke Bill C-24 which provided for the stripping of Canadian citizenship from dual citizens convicted of terrorism, and to weaken the anti-terrorist Bill C-51; and will end Canada’s military involvement in the mission against ISIS. Israel, too, will once more face Liberal disapproval and lose one of its few friends at the United Nations. Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau, producer of pro-Palestinian, pro-Iranian and anti-Israel “documentaries,” figured as a political advisor in his brother’s electoral campaign. No accident there.

As if this were not enough, Justin expressed a hankering for Chinese-style autocratic government and the economic efficiency of “basic dictatorship,” which calls to mind the Trudeau family love affair with Fidel Castro. An environmental purist, he has bought into the global warming deception and is set to cancel the Northern Gateway Pipeline essential to Canada’s prosperity and especially western Canada’s bottom line. He is, in short, Canada’s Obama, and the nation, like the U.S., will rue the day it put so reckless and inept a driver behind the wheel of national policy. All we need do is wait upon the sequel of his tenure to bring home the fiasco we have wrought: more spending, more debt, more taxes, more unemployment, more crony climatism, more socialism, and more Muslims—infallible recipes for cultural decay and national insolvency.