The selective racial outrage of federal judicial nominee Donna Murphy

Yesterday Pajamas Media reported on an embarrassing nominee for the federal bench named Donna Murphy. The story noted she was one of the DOJ lawyers sanctioned by a federal court for unethical conduct relating to Georgia legislative redistricting.  If she were now to ascend to the federal bench, she might be the first lawyer ever sanctioned by the federal bench before she assumed a seat on the federal bench.  Tatler has learned of two developments:

First, PJ Tatler has learned that because of the article yesterday, Senate offices were swamped with calls and emails demanding that Murphy’s nomination be stopped.  Once again, we can see the power of an informed and active citizenry.  A second day of Stop-Murphy calls might do the nomination in for good.  From what we hear, Murphy can leave her pictures hanging on the walls of her Housing Section office at the Department of Justice.

Second, Murphy is a die-hard liberal leftist.  She worships racial preferences and agrees with the gospel of racial grievance.   So Tatler was stunned to learn this story from inside sources:  Some years ago, Murphy (who is white) was competing for the job of Special Litigation Section Chief  at DOJ with a black woman named Shanetta Cutler.  Assistant Attorney General Ralph Boyd picked Cutler over Murphy.  A few days later, Murphy confronted Cutler on the street.  The white liberal Murphy angrily tells Cutler – “Shanetta, the only reason you got picked is because you are black!”  Apparently even a victimized liberal opposes affirmative action!  Cutler, a rough and tumble woman offered to fight Murphy right there on the street.  Murphy, a bony little thing retreated.  As she did, Cutler yelled – “that’s what I thought!”

The militant liberal Donna Murphy reacts with rage when she herself is a victim of what she thinks is a race based preference.  If Murphy ever gets to go through the nomination process for her federal judicial seat, the Senate should ask her about her selective anger about race based preferences.