The Savage Banning of an American Talk Show Host

During the past month the British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has been embroiled in a scandal involving the purchase by her husband of pornographic films; the media have grabbed onto this story with glee because it is an engaging distraction from the horrendous credit crisis and other world calamities. Because the films were acquired on an expense account, she promised to repay the government. Back in March she had been accused of double-charging said government for her accommodation; this story, which also related to other politicians, dominated the news cycle for several weeks.

Unfortunately Jacqui Smith seems unable to avoid being news because her very own men and women of Scotland Yard (the British Home Office has governance over the police force) have come under unprecedented fire over beatings and even one fatality at the April G20 protests during the visit of American President Barack Obama. She and the operatives at her department are also under scrutiny for deporting maverick Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who produced the film Fitna about the sadistic excesses of extreme Islam, whilst allowing questionable characters into the country to give speeches about the evils of the Zionist empire.

Now she has banned American radio host Michael Savage from the shores of Great Britain. The Home Office thinks he will foment public unrest and even violence.

Those who are unfamiliar with Savage need to know that at his very worst he has wished AIDS on a 2003 caller criticizing his homophobic views (he was fired for this by MSNBC but later was restored to the airwaves by Talk Radio Network), has pooh-poohed autism as the result of a spoiled child's exposure to parental permissiveness, and displayed virulent antagonism towards Muslims.

But then again in Britain there are scores of extremists spouting loathsome views in every corner of the country. Aside from the fact that England was the location for the very first European blood libel and expulsion of Jews after the York Massacre, the stomping ground of the neo-Nazi Dowager Lady Birdwood and Oswald Mosley, not to mention the birthplace of Holocaust denier David Irving, Britain has in recent years nurtured all manner of extremist. Dr. Azzam al-Tamimi, whom I witnessed rousing an audience of young Muslims to chants of "Jihad!" at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and who has expressed a desire to be a martyr, was used as a "series advisor" by the BBC on The Power of Nightmares, a BAFTA award-winning series by Adam Curtis about the foolishness of the war on terror. By the same token, and as Michael Savage has said as this story unfolds, Britain is also the home of the Magna Carta. Lest one forget Winston Churchill, who stood alone against the Third Reich in the Wilderness Years.