The Saddest, Scariest Millennial Statistic You'll See Today

Nearly half of millennials' children are being born outside of marriage, and statistics compiled by the National Fatherhood Initiative tell us that most of them will never have a long-term two-parent family. Most will grow up without fathers living permanently in their homes with them. Fatherlessless breeds more obesity, poverty, greater rates of emotional problems, weaker physical health, and then more fatherlessness.

All of that leads to bigger government -- more law enforcement to deal with the increase in crime, more prison space, more dependence on social programs.This is the connection between social conservatism and economic conservatism. Stronger two-parent families just tend to need and want less government intervention in their lives.

Family structure matters, a lot. The millennial generation simply isn't furthering the traditional family structure. This will have a profound impact on the future size, scope and involvement of government in Americans' lives.

Looking at the millennials' marriage and birth pattern from a purely political point of view, the fact that nearly half of all millennials' children are being born outside marriage may be the single most significant statistic on the horizon, more than the rise of the Hispanic vote. In 2012, married men and women heavily favored Republican Mitt Romney over Democrat Barack Obama. Both single men and women voted for the Democrats. The marriage gap has held more or less steady since 1996, according to Gallup, with Republicans always performing better among marrieds than among singles.



How does the conservative-libertarian smaller government message resonate with a generation that is increasingly dependent on government, and which is raising children who are likely to be even more dependent on government?