The Sacred Narrative: Behold, the Sanity of the Center-Left

It’s no secret that Obama has been revving up the class warfare rhetoric over the last few months, too. In Cincinnati on September 22, the president said:

Now, the Republicans, when I talked about this earlier in the week, they said, well, this is class warfare. You know what, if asking a billionaire to pay their fair share of taxes, to pay the same tax rate as a plumber or a teacher is class warfare, then you know what, I’m a warrior for the middle class.

With more than half of Americans, 52 percent to be exact, thinking it's wrong to consider America as divided into “haves” and “have nots,” differentiating Americans based on class and pitting one class against another might just backfire. This seems like something the moderates might have a hard time swallowing.

And then there was the particularly insightful statement from Rep. Barney Frank Thursday on Rachel Maddow’s show. Speaking on the topic of the massive defense cuts, Frank commented:

Militaries are not the place you go when you want good things to happen. Militaries stop bad things. They don’t start up good things or bring on good things, particularly in foreign societies.

Last time I checked the fall of Adolf Hitler was not just “stopping a bad thing,” it was a good thing. Saying that militaries don’t do good things could dissuade some moderate military families from voting Democrat. Watch it, Barney.

And let’s not forget the centrist, moderate words of Maxine Waters, now subject to an ethics investigation, last August:

The Tea Party can go straight to hell.

If only the GOP could be as centrist and moderate as their counterparts.

Statements like these either go unreported or are heavily distorted by the mythmaker media. Why? Because they do not fit the sacred narrative.

Lucky for us, we as American voters have the power to dispel the grand myth we are force-fed. We can start by recognizing the truth you’ll rarely hear when you turn on the TV or radio or open a newspaper -- Democrats better tone it down, or they risk losing the moderates in 2012 and losing the White House.