The Role that Obama's Runaway Bureaucracy Played in the Death of Eric Garner

The strongest charge that the grand jury could possibly have handed down to the officer was some form of manslaughter or negligent homicide, and that might have been appropriate. The force used looks excessive. But the grand jury decided against that after reviewing the evidence, which means a jury was even less likely to convict. That doesn't mean that they're right. Seems like a marginal call either way. Seems like a bad call for the police to take him down by force. I don't see why they couldn't have given him a ticket, unless there are relevant events that we don't know about that happened prior to the video.

It also is a bad call to let the FDA start creating new crimes, but President Obama has made a bad habit of turning the government loose on the whole country, and then daring courts to stop him. He's a terrible president that way, and disrespects the rule of law and the rights of individuals to have any kind of certainty where we all stand with respect to the law at any given moment. Obama's unleashing of the bureaucracy is among his most detestable actions. The next president has got to work with Congress to rein the unruly and power-hungry federal bureaucracy back in, or we all really are going to become felons in one way or another. We all will be subject to capricious and arbitrary law enforcement, which is really lawlessness and oppression.

Eric Garner died protesting (or evading, take your pick) taxes, along with violating the diktats of a bureaucratic government that has grown too remote from the people and too oppressive not just over black men, whose lives do matter and is among the reasons that the pro-life movement exists, but over all Americans. We are all subjects to the bureaucracy's whims, and less and less true citizens as the bureaucracy grows more powerful. Garner didn't need to die for that, he shouldn't have died for that, but the officers involved aren't guilty of murder.

May the protests remain peaceful.


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