The Return of Abortion as a National Issue

King Solomon said in the Book of Ecclesiastes there's nothing new under the sun. Women have killed or attempted to kill their unborn babies throughout human history, way before 1973, when the Supreme Court found a long-hidden, deeply buried "right of privacy" in the U.S. Constitution to have abortions. Roe v. Wade made the act legal and culturally acceptable.

This Generation X-er can't recall a time when abortion was as high-profile as it's been in 2009.

This year, a nut murdered George Tiller, a man nationally known for performing partial-birth abortions. Several months later, another nut murdered pro-life activist Jim Pouillon as he demonstrated outside a school.

This year, the liberal New York Times published a snark-free, A1, above-the-fold story about Pouillon and other pro-life activists, and posted pictures of aborted babies on the web site.

This year, a former Planned Parenthood executive director made national news after quitting her job. Abby Johnson watched an abortion on ultrasound and said on the Christian Broadcasting Network, "I saw that baby trying to get away from the probe that the doctor was using. … I just wanted to make it stop. … I could see it twisting and just saw it crumble. ... I will never do this again."

Although Johnson's former employer tried to gag her, she revealed that Planned Parenthood ordered her to increase profits to the clinic by performing more abortions. "Abortion is the most lucrative part of Planned Parenthood's operations," she told WorldNet Daily. "Even though they're two separate corporations, all of the money goes into one pot. With the family planning corporation really suffering, they depend on the abortion corporation to balance their budget, help get them out of the hole and help make income for the company."

Johnson said her clinic increased the number of patients by doing RU-486 chemical abortions throughout the week. This procedure, which suffocates and starves the unborn baby, costs between $505 and $695, the same as an early first-trimester abortion.

This year, pro-life Democrats in Congress took a stand and voted to bar federal funding for abortions under health care reform, except for cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother's life. (Read my "extremist" position on two of these exceptions.) Pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak and Republican Joseph R. Pitts introduced the amendment, and over 60 Democrats voted for it. The House of Representatives passed the massive health care reform bill by a vote of 220-215.