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The Republican War on Women!

The meme is now circling Facebook like Bill Clinton stalking an intern -- the Republicans have declared war on women! Conservatives want to steal women's ladyparts! All because conservatives don't think the Catholic Church or any other "faith-based" organization should have to provide contraceptives or abortifacient drugs to women free of charge. Well free to them, and free to the liberals. They don't really seem to comprehend that someone has to pay for it.

That being said, there's now a counter meme circulating in the form of a few images such as this one:

Liberals of course never let the truth stand in the way of a good political club, in fact, that the club they're beating their opponents with is a lie just seems to make them more inclined to use it. Here's hoping Obama and his mouthpieces actually keep the pressure on on this issue as it's starting to cost them a lot of support.