The Republican Study Committee's Bold Budget Proposal

When bills get stuck in Congress, the institution tends to produce stale thinking, ugly compromises, and political perfidy.  Last week, the RSC acted boldly and announced a detailed proposal, the RSAA, to get the appropriations process moving again.  RSC chairman Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX-17) unveiled the committee’s effort to advance conservative spending and policy priorities, providing Congress and President Obama with a way to break out of the old cycle of delaying tough decisions and wasting taxpayer dollars.

The RSAA “would adopt the FY2016 appropriations package, including the six appropriation bills passed by the House earlier this year. It would also include several important policy priorities, including measures to defund all abortion providers, ban the sale of fetal tissues and defund Obamacare and executive amnesty.”  The RSC proposal would also keep President Obama from lifting sanctions on Iran until 2017.

The bill is a significant accomplishment.  It manages to build on the work already done in the appropriations process, consolidate conservative gains made in the spending bills, and address the unholy trinity of the Obama administration:  abortion, amnesty, and appeasement.

The appropriations process is a mess.  President Obama keeps getting the better of Congress.  The RSAA may be the way for Republicans in the House restart the annual spending bills and to get a strategic and policy win.  The bill deserves to be debated and voted on in the House.  That debate would provide a stark contrast between conservatives trying to change the way Washington, D.C., works, and liberals defending the discredited status quo.


Neil Siefring is president of Hilltop Advocacy, LLC, and a former Republican House staffer.  His opinions are his own.  Follow Neil on Twitter @NeilSiefring