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The Rebuke of Sam Slick

1. A large dependency class, as Romney justly pointed out, constituting 47 percent of an electorate that does not pay taxes and in too many cases lives parasitically off government largesse. Which is to say, it enjoys the redistributed benefits culled from the salaries, savings, and investments of the productive class. Although many in this group would surely have it otherwise and would much prefer to find decent, remunerative employment, one cannot expect a vast cohort of the beholden to vote for a free market exponent like Romney who champions the ethos of individual initiative and self-determination. Moreover, this class of dependents is as likely to grow as to shrink. Economist Milton Friedman has cogently posited a 50 percent-plus entitlement red line that signals the point of no return to normative democracy.

2. The so-called intellectual and celebrity elite: left-wing academics and the students they have successfully indoctrinated, public intellectuals with an ingrained hatred of their own country, Hollywood’s beautiful emptyheads, and almost the entire media empire that has made common cause with the Democratic Party and invested its ideological stock in the president’s plainly neosocialist agenda.

3. The plutocratic left whose obscene money machine, as David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin have meticulously documented in The New Leviathan, funds Obama’s electoral campaign via every avenue of public suasion available.

4. A union thugocracy using every means at its disposal, from financial contributions to overt coercion, to ensure the re-election of their candidate.

5. The swelling roles of government employees, all of whom are sure to cast their ballots with a view to preserving their featherbedding billets.

6. That portion of the educated populace whose trendy, reflex liberalism flies in the face of political and economic reality, namely, that wealth must be continuously created, that untrammelled entrepreneurship is vital to an expanding economy and social stability, that socialized medicine is a bottomless sinkhole producing more rather than less suffering, that “social justice” is merely a slogan behind which oligarchs and bureaucrats enrich themselves and the well-off hypocritically salve their consciences.

7. Not to mince words and recognizing the dumbing down of American education—the dysfunctional public schools and the university propaganda factories—the alarming number of the miseducated and the flatly illiterate who have no understanding of economics, are devoid of historical knowledge and blissfully indifferent to the exigencies of realpolitik, and who are prey to the influence of urban myths and the oiled churnings of the rumor mill. They will naturally tend to succumb to the president’s meretricious charm and populist incantations or render judgment based on sheer ignorance. (Cases in point: a woman interviewed on the TV news who likes Obama because he is “straight” and who would never vote for Romney “because Mormons have many wives”; people interviewed by radio and TV host Howard Stern who did not know that Osama bin Laden was dead and who thought Paul Ryan was Obama’s running mate; the lady who believed Obama would pay for her gas and mortgage.) As Victor Davis Hanson notes, “fantasies, not realities, are what half the population may now live for.”