The Rebuke of Sam Slick

In an acutely reasoned article for American Thinker, economist and member of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute Monty Pelerin warns that the United States is “one election away from tragedy.” Pelerin is not alone in mounting this argument; many commentators and political analysts are in agreement that November 6, 2012, may be one of the most fateful dates in the entire pageant of American history, no less crucial than another resonant date, April 12, 1861, when Abraham Lincoln responded to the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter.  For there is a growing—though perhaps insufficient—consensus on the part of a notable segment of the American public, Republican candidates for office, and a number of disaffected Democrats that the coming election is essentially a plebiscite and that the future security, coherence, and prosperity of the nation will be decided on the first Tuesday of November of this year. “There are but a few weeks left,” writes Andrew McCarthy in a review of David Limbaugh’s The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic, “before the nation either dramatically alters course or cruises on to the abyss, perhaps irreversibly.”

A victory for Mitt Romney would allow the nation to return, if only partially, to its historical roots as a constitutional republic and free market economy. But if Barack Obama should win re-election, America will inexorably go the way of the crushingly indebted, under-employed, imploding European Union, as well as gradually surrendering much of its autonomy to an advancing Islamic presence and the inroads of Shari’a law. It would continue to rely on the dubious expedient of soft power and international diplomacy (aka, accommodation and concession) to defend its interests, thus subsiding into political desuetude. A second term for this president will yield a nation drowning in debt, undergoing a rapidly declining material equity, and increasingly vulnerable to Islamic subversion.

To cite Roger Kimball’s objective recapitulation, this is the president who is defined by “the $16 trillion federal debt, the 8.3 percent unemployment when he promised to have it down to 5.6 percent, the annual deficit, which he promised to halve, hovering around $1.5 trillion,” as well as “the disaster that is Obama’s Islamophilic Mideast policy—our consulate overrun in Benghazi, our ambassador murdered, Obama is told 90 minutes into the assault, he goes to bed….” One might also mention Obama’s empowering of the anti-American Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the hospitality extended to Islamic organizations and individuals at home.

And yet, despite Kimball’s conviction that Romney will win the election by a landslide, the candidates are currently neck and neck and there is every possibility that Obama will emerge triumphant on November 6. How could such a colossal absurdity be even conceivable? A little cold reflection on Obama’s various constituencies suffices to show where his electoral chances lie, irrespective of his patently catastrophic tenure. Obama profits from the loyalty and commitment of seven categories of devout adherents.