The Real Suicide Bombers? Western Democracies

The situation is even worse when you consider that a major holder of our debt is also a major rival. It’s no wonder that a Chinese pianist felt empowered to play an insulting tune at the White House not long ago. Is it inconceivable that Beijing would decide to dump a significant amount of Treasury and other U.S. debt on the market at a strategic moment, even though it risked substantial harm to its own short-term financial position in the process, in order to further long-term geopolitical goals?

My friend thought I was joking (or just being a righty crank) when I brought up Uncle Sam’s and the states’ fast-deteriorating financial condition, and maybe he was right. Maybe the situation isn’t really so dire. But do we really want to take that risk?

If the Islamists who may end up in control of Egypt lead it, and the entire Islamic world, into a suicide pact aimed at destroying the West, such a goal would seem insane from our point of view. But from their own perspective, they have a cause, a purpose: the spread of political Islam at least back to its former boundaries and perhaps, inshallah, throughout the world. We reject that cause, but we can’t deny its existence. What about us? If we of the West succeed in destroying our own democracies with hyper-spending and debt, what would be the point?