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The Private Sector Is Not Fine, the Public Sector Is Still Fat

If he wants state and local governments to preserve their jobs or at least to minimize layoffs, Obama should be giving them six words of advice: Do what Scott Walker has done. But he won't do that. As the Wall Street Journal said in its marvelous editorial following Obama's expressed ignorance which is miles beyond the level of a mere gaffe, "Governments are having to lay off workers to pay for their rising pension and health bills." States which have faced up to those twin problems, like  Governor Walker's Wisconsin, have averted thousands of layoffs while preserving services. States like Ohio -- which tried something similar but saw their efforts subverted by the left/organized labor axis -- have seen thousands of layoffs. Union bosses would rather see younger members thrown out on the streets than give up even the smallest portion of their oversized, outdated, and unsustainable wages and benefits.

There is potential good news in all of this. Obama, in continuing his tired push for more stimulus to state and local governments which won't reform themselves while making life miserable for a private sector which he still insists is "doing fine," appears to be sowing the seeds of his own November defeat to a degree where the non-stop establishment press excuse-making and cover-ups still might not be able to prevent it.

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