The Perfect Seasonal Lyrics for PJM Readers by cfbleachers

Amazing things can happen when you write a column for PJ Media. Amazing.

I posted my weekly advice column today and -- from the cerulean cyber-heaven above arrived a truly original Christmas carol for you and me.  It came in the form of a comment, urging fellow readers to rejoice in the wonders wrought by The One and his political pals.

So, with the permission of the lyricist, cfbleachers, whose astute comments appear on many PJM blogs, and who has also written for PJM himself as an author,  I hereby present some great lyrics to cheer you through the next month at least, possibly all the way to November 6, 2012. Here's his comment:

I think the best way to get through the season is to embrace the spirit through a song or a carol.

Try this one:

Hey comrade,

I’ve been thinkin’

I passed a park

And it was stinkin’

I then passed it at night

It gave me a fright

Camping in a Marxist Wonderland

Gone away, is our housing

Barney Frank needs de-lousing

He cooked Fannie Mae

Then gave it away

Welcome to a Marxist Wonderland

In the White House there exists a showman

The press pretends that he is just benign

Debtors ask will you pay us fairly

And we say “no, man”

The Workers Party took their place in line

In Oakland

And Zucotti

They found

Another body

It’s the means and the ends

What’s a rape among friends?

Camping in a Marxist Wonderland

In the Senate, there’s a mouthpiece clown

In the House his counterpart’s a witch

They steal, they cheat, they shred the Constitution

Tearing down the system and blaming all the “rich”

When it crashes

Ain’t it thrilling

Cause we’ve stopped all the drilling

Brazil gets our pay

In the old Soros way

Camping in a Marxist Wonderland

Steal their wealth if you wanna

Send it off to Botswana

The free market chokes

On a new climate hoax

Camping in a Marxist Wonderland

Occupy ….Oklahoma

Drugged out and in a coma

We sleep in a tent

It saves us on rent

Camping in a Marxist Wonderland.

Camping in a Marxist Wonderlaaaaaaaand!