The Pajamas Weekend Review

The best of the week @ Pajamas:

[Paris Blues] Underreported, underattended, overrated, and underplayed. From Nidra Poller

Baghdad Today: A Report from the City - Mohammed Fadhil with an early report on the surge.

Baghdad Dispatch: Still Hope After Sunday's Bombs - More from Mohammed from the heart of Baghdad.

The Glenn and Helen Show - Claire and Mischa Berlinski on Two New Novels

Tofurky and Quorn and Sauerkraut Oh My - or- "A Teen-Age Vegan In the House" - From Nancy Rommelmann

Power, Faith, and Fantasy in the Middle East - Michael Totten interviews historian Michael Oren on US involvement in the Middle East throughout history.

Sanity Squad: The Presidents

Prime Minister Prodi's Fall: Politics as Usual in Italy - Mario Sechi

QUAGMIRE! - "We were - neck deep in the Big Muddy/And the big fool said to push on." - Jules Crittenden