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The (Overwhelmingly White!) Stewart-Colbert Rally, From the Cheap Seats

Throughout Saturday, life on the National Mall was breezy, playful, wistful, and clever. And I’m not talking about anything that happened on stage with Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert.

I observed from 4th, 6th, and 7th Streets, on the steps near the West wing of the National Gallery of Art, and in front of the National Air and Space Museum. I did not get to watch from 3rd Street, where about a quarter of the crowd sat. They could see the stage and interact with the skits, and probably enjoyed the show. But from the cheap seats, it was part frat party, part state fair picnic, and part Halloween parade. The only sense you got that it was a rally were the signs.

You likely didn’t see them on the MSM coverage, but more than a few spewed hate towards Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, conservatives, and the Tea Party:

-- Death to Right Wing Extremists (But in a Nice Way)

-- God Hates Tea

-- TeaTards (with pictures of Sarah Palin)

I did actually enjoy some of the others. From the Jesse Jackson “I am somebody” category:

-- Listen to Me

-- I Have an Opinion

And from the Harold and Kumar category:

-- Atheists for Masturbation

-- Gay Muslims will Blow You

-- Obama is Not a Gay Alien

-- Rub One Out for Sanity

And my favorite, just because:

-- Where Am I?